Thursday, July 8, 2010

Journal 7

That is a link to my rubric. I acutally found myself enjoying making a rubric more than I was expecting; I always used to think that rubrics limited students' creativity, but acutally, I think with some projects they can really give guidance and help make an abstract idea more concrete. In terms of my own sanity, I can see how a rubric would be GREAT for grading. I can have an acutal point scale and look for only specific aspects to focus on while grading. This specific rubric is for a short story that is part of a larger project; both aspects have rubrics with them, and I am going to try and use these rubrics next year when I acutally give the project. I will be interested to see how this affects student work and grades.

In terms of larger reflections on this class, this has been a very challenging yet educational course for me. In many ways, this was much more difficult as you really had to go through all the steps on your own - there was no safety net of knowing you would be in with classmates at least every week to discuss issues you were having - although we had the discussion board, it is not the same as face to face. However, I feel that I have learned so much in class, due to all the hands on activities. All my education classes that I have taken at UMass Boston have just been so great in terms of acutally helping me with my teaching - this is no exception! I feel I have so many more tools to start next year, and I am so excited to incorporate them into my teaching next school year. I am really glad to hear this wiki will be available to us in the future; I will absolutely be coming back. Thank you to everyone who made this class such a success for me!



  2. that is my rubric! Sorry about the confusion

  3. Glad this course has been useful, and yes, please do come back to the wiki.